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Vucacious Catering

AT VUCACIOUS CATERING, hospitality spans from our dining room’s front door to the kitchen’s back door. As we create the ultimate catering experience, impressive service and delicious food go hand in hand.

With your first call, we learn about you and your guests, your psychographics and demographics, the feelings you’re trying to evoke, and what kind of food speaks to you. Using all we’ve learned, we also take into account your logistical needs, creating a personalized catering menu that brings your goals for your event into reality.

By sourcing seasonally and locally in Santa Monica,  we achieve a level of complexity even in our simplest dishes. Because, from texture to flavor, the best ingredients speak for themselves. Influenced by Asian fusion, Latin fusion, and New American cuisine, our diverse team continuously experiments with new seasonal dishes that will elevate your event.

With full-service capabilities and a high level of professionalism, Vucacious takes the extra steps to ensure that your special occasion gives you and your guests exactly the experience you desire. We look forward to getting to know you, adding value to your gathering, and reinforcing the energy and culture of your group.

1828B Lincoln Blvd.
Santa Monica, CA

1828 Lincoln Blvd. Suite B, Santa Monica, CA 90404 • 310-853-8005

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