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Chef Kim Vu

AS A CALTECH TRAINED RESEARCH SCIENTIST, Chef Kim Vu has always loved discovering how things work and being an expert in her field. It is with these values that she has pursued her career in the restaurant industry. Over the last 20 years, Kim Vu has learned and excelled at all roles across front-of-house and back-of-house, identifying the effective  processes that contribute to the success of both single-owned restaurants and large groups.

Vucacious Catering embodies Chef Kim Vu’s curious mind and scientific precision. She started her company with a drive to perfect the catering industry as a hospitality-first business. Her strong-willed determination leads to quality customer service and delicious dishes, along with tv appearances, including Alton Brown’s “Cutthroat Kitchen.” Kim’s performance on the show reinforces her ability to think on her feet with resilience. It is this do-what-it-takes attitude that makes Vucacious Catering the success it is today.  

While Chef Kim Vu is classically trained in an array of culinary techniques, she believes that all good food starts with good ingredients. Sourcing seasonally and locally, Chef Kim Vu draws from California’s robust produce, along with her diverse heritage as a Texas-born Vietnamese-American. She and her staff use their wide breadth of experience and knowledge to create dishes tailored to your interests and needs.

Los Angeles catering chef, Kim Vu, of Santa Monica   

Los Angeles catering chef, Kim Vu, of Santa Monica


1828 Lincoln Blvd. Suite B, Santa Monica, CA 90404 • 310-853-8005

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