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Frequently Asked Questions

+ What does the name Vucacious mean?

Here at Vucacious, we provide much more than just delicious food. Since no one word defines our offerings, founder Chef Kim Vu created that word herself. “Vucacious” embodies all of the words that create the personalized excellence in hospitality and taste that Chef Kim Vu deems most important -- Vucacious Catering is delicious, gracious, audacious, voracious…It’s Vucacious.

+ What is your style of cuisine?

At Vucacious Catering, we use fresh, local, seasonal ingredients to create a custom menu that best reflects your event and your guests. Our specialties include New American, Asian fusion, Latin fusion, and “Santa Monican” fare.

+ Do you have a minimum party size or budget?

We have catered everything from dinner parties for 7 to a conference for over 3,000. There is no minimum for party size. For social and private events, clients should have a minimum food budget of $1,000. Our corporate clients and partners, however, are not subject to a minimum.

+ Do you offer services other than food?

Yes. We are full-service catering company that can provide you with additional services including event staffing, bar/beverage service, entertainment, valet parking, security, decorations, equipment rental, event production, venue search...

+ What geographical areas do you cater?

Most of Vucacious Catering jobs are in Los Angeles, Ventura, and Orange counties. That said, as you travel, so will we. Whether a conference in Palm Springs or a retreat in the Caribbean, Vucacious has the team in place to cater events around the globe.

+ How much notice do you need for a catering order?

For most jobs, the range of booking is two weeks to one year in advance. However, we’ve also catered an event for 200 with one day’s notice. If you need last-minute catering and our schedule allows for it, we are happy to help.

+ What type of events do you cater?

We specialize in corporate events, providing catering solutions for business meetings, cocktail hours, town halls, company retreats, holiday parties, brand launches and more. In addition, we cater birthdays, bat/bar mitzvahs, family celebrations, private parties, fundraisers, and weddings. We are experienced in catering at a wide variety of venues, including off-site, in-office, and in-home.

+ Are you organic?

We put great care into selecting our ingredients. Our produce is seasonal, and we source all items organic and locally as much as possible.

+ Do you offer tastings?

Yes, we do offer tastings. However, they are not complimentary. Tastings for weddings are optional and subject to a fee for food costs and labor. For other events, we recommend looking at our gallery and reading our reviews on Yelp in order to get a good sense of our quality.

+ Does our event space need to have a kitchen?

No. Vucacious Catering is experienced in cooking for large-scale events without a kitchen on-site at your venue. By preparing your dishes in our kitchen and using techniques like hot holding, you will still be able to offer a wide variety of dishes. Your guests won’t know the difference.

+ Can you accommodate food allergies and other dietary restrictions?

Yes. We will be sure to ask you about allergies and dietary restrictions during the onboarding process and will create a unique menu to meet the needs of your guests.

+ Can you provide Kosher catering?

While our kitchen and equipment are not Kosher certified, we are able to provide “Kosher style” catering to our clients. We are well-versed in all laws of Kashrut and can accommodate some of them through ingredient selection, preparation, and/or boxed meals from a Kosher supplier. We are happy to help you determine the best solution for your event.

+ Where are you located?

Our kitchen is located at 1828B Lincoln Blvd. in the heart of Santa Monica.

+ What is the 20% service charge on my estimate?

Since each event has a personalized menu, the cost of execution is higher than at restaurants and at other catering companies that offer a set menu. The 20% service charge pays for the additional labor of ingredient acquisition and custom production. It also helps offset the costs of new minimum wage laws. This service charge is not gratuity.

+ Is gratuity included?

No. Gratuity is never expected but always appreciated.

1828 Lincoln Blvd. Suite B, Santa Monica, CA 90404 • 310-853-8005

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