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Private Catering

AT VUCACIOUS CATERING, we care first and foremost about hospitality. For your intimate in-home dinner, large destination wedding, or anything in between, we provide unparalleled customer service to ensure that you and your guests get exactly what you need and desire.

We specialize in bespoke menus. That means learning about you and your guests in a meaningful way in order to generate personalized executions that will appeal to all. Our culinary talent spans across diverse cuisines, and we excel at both creating original menu items and recreating the dishes that you know and love.

In addition to catering, we have full-service capabilities to assist you in all aspects of event production. We employ an in-house staff of experienced servers, cooks, bartenders, and event planners that will help make your event a memorable one.

1828 Lincoln Blvd. Suite B, Santa Monica, CA 90404 • 310-853-8005

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