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Kohlrabi and Persimmon Salad Recipe

After the delicious fruits of summer, the fall brings about another round of flavorful produce. This time of year, I anticipate the arrival of persimmons. These deceptive-looking fruits look a lot like tomatoes but have a delicate, sweet taste that blends perfectly with kohlrabi, a crisp vegetable with a sweet, peppery taste.

This recipe requires only a little preparation and is topped with an easy black sesame dressing for a beautiful finish.

Kohlrabi and Persimmon Salad


Shaved kohlrabi
ed persimmon
Charred shishlto peppers, sliced
Purslane, picked
Cherry tomatoes, halved
A dollop of plain yogurt
Dill, pickled
Cucumber, sliced
Black sesame dressing (recipe follows)

Combine ingredients in large bowl. Toss together.

Black Sesame Dressing

3 Tbsp rice vinegar
1 Tbsp soy sauce
1 Tbsp Asian (toasted) sesame oil
2 Tbsp black or white sesame seedstoasted lightly
Brown sugar or honey, to taste

In medium bowl, combine ingredients. Whisk together until combined.


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